Re: [Harp-L] OK, breaking down and buying a chromatic. Little help???

There are umpteen reasons why a person buys a particular model or make. In your case, given the factors you have specified, I suggest chromos in the following order. Keeping in mind that price is an imperative. You indicated that your pockets aren't deep.

1... A Seydel professional 48 (meaning 12 holes) at maybe $100.oo Note: I am impressed with this model.
2... A Hering 5148 (12 holes) at maybe $100.oo ....BUT, caution, unless you can maintain one yourself, be careful. I play these.
3... A Hohner 270 (12 holes) at maybe $140.oo ( or the newer pro model is $170.oo)
4... A Hohner CX12 (12 holes) at maybe $170.oo Easiest to maintain.
5... A Suzi 48 at slightly higher price
6... A Bends 48. Still too new to give an opinion and a little over $200.oo
7... Any of the 56s (14 hole models) at slightly more money (generally $325.oo or so).

Chromos a new player should steer clear of.
1... Any of the cheap copies. Playing junk will make you feel like junk. :(
2... The Hohner Chrometta. Beautiful sound, crappy action.
3... Any of the 16 hole models. A newer chromo player WILL burn through several on their way to nirvana. There is plenty of time for you to move up to a 16 hole.....later.

Rule#1... Let the chromo become part of your face. Get used to it even BEFORE you ever try to play a tune. Learn which notes are in every single hole. You only need to learn ONE octave. The other two (or 3) are mere duplications. Exercises should be waterfalls and stairsteps. Scales are fine, but waterfalls and stairsteps are better. Loosen up. Relax. Learn to play first. Get fancy later.


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