Subject: Re: [Harp-L] OK, breaking down and buying a chromatic. Little help?

Ken "Mojo Red" writes:
"The Hohner CX-12 is a great harp ($175) with a very cool, Darth  Vader look. 
Airtight and very responsive. My issue with this harp is the  different 
sounding tone and the relatively thick mouthpiece. Open wide! "
...weirdly enough, Ken...despite my very severe TMJ problem, I can play the  
CX-12's just fine...and yet have heard this same argument against them from  
several other chrom players on slidemeister.  Perhaps it's because I  can't 
tongue block and am strictly a lip purser..simply rest the harmonica on my  
bottom lip when I play?...I don't know..but I haven't had any problems at all  with 
the fatness of the harp..yet it kept me away from them for a while.   The 
smoothness of the molded mouthpiece, rounded holes...all work for me  amazingly 
well. I own 4 so far and am planning on getting at least 2-3  more :)
SmoJoe and I have had our disagreements about the chrom..he likes their  tone 
but not the 'clankiness' of the button (especially for recording), since he  
'hits' the button fairly hard in playing.  I couldn't imagine why I wasn't  
having the same issues...(besides the fact he's a thousand times better player  
than me)...but I realized recently it's because I tend to only gently depress  
the button with the inside  pad of my index never  'clanks'...and 
then...I doubt I could ever play at Smokey's speed.   Some people can't abide 
the noise and figure out all sorts of ways to reduce  it.  Of course, having 
only one piece to the slide makes that far easier to  accomplish than with 
some other chroms. 2nd choice would be the Seydel deluxe..since the Bb I bought from  
Rupert Oysler has the same beautiful tone as my Hohner Super 64, and the prices  
are still excellent. 
I'm quite enamoured, however, of the ease of cleaning of the CX-12 line.  The 
cheapest I've seen them new are in the $150 range.
...So how come I never hear/see you play chromatics at SPAH?  ;)

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