[Harp-L] Re: Reality check?

I am still out here practicing and breaking reeds on this thing called classical music!! It is getting tougher to to make a living, but I still have live gigs with symphonies that pay a lot.

I, like Larry, and everyone else in the biz, question if anyone cares anymore, that is until I play the next concert and the audience is still there going nuts. I can pull in on spending and still make ends meet on concerts playing Harmonica concerti. Lots of the side stuff has dried up - jingles, teaching, B'way, ASCAP, film work - but who cares. Let's all live poor for a while and make music for the real reason we are alive in the first place.

Screw it. If I am going to go down, I am going down blowing the Harmonica. Larry, think of it this way. The rest of the world works their ass off at jobs they hate in order to save up some money for retirement and buy a house, and then they watch it all go down the tubes when these jerk offs gamble everything away on credit swaps. It's a great time to be poor!!!

Harmonically yours,


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