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Tomorrow a different story?
Na!!  I'll be there!!  Same old story!!
Brad Trainham

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Okay, I have always maintained that it is a problem with our culture that it
is taboo that we do not discuss our money and how we make it, so I will try
and lay my career on the table.

This all seems to be cyclical but something tells me its going to be worse this time around .. back in the 70s and early 80s punk and disco put a lot of us out of work .. then the DJs .. it took a long time for me to realize that, especially as you get older, you have to find a niche and you have to find material that is cross-generational .. the blues is cross-generational, so is the jam-band stuff like the Dead and so is Jimmy Buffet .. the worst thing I saw happen when the live music scene dried up like seven or eight times in the last three decades was the move toward smaller groups with drum machines and sequencers .. I actually did that to survive in the 80s and it was absolutely awful .. bands should just stick together and try to ride this one out, ya know .. I got a day time gig years ago and tried to retire but now I'm a weekend warrior .. not relying on it for the money, but the money sure comes in handy .. I'd hate to see some of the younger guys make the stupid mistakes I made .. stick with your band-mates, play when you can, use the time off to write some songs and make some cds .. put your stuff on the net and maybe when things swing back around again you'll be ready .. I hope I can take my own advice!!!


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