[Harp-L] My weekend report , Re: Reality Check and also Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Hey Harp-lers,


I need to make this one post covers all because I am taking care of biz
tonight before I fly out tomorrow early to Florida to see Mom for a week.


I just got back from my weekend 48+ hour party in Lenox Massachusetts.
(approx.150 guests) I was the house harp guy throughout the weekend. Most
all of the music was acoustic in nature. I played a lot more Friday night (5
hours) than Saturday night (1 hour). The best part was a jam that took place
Saturday afternoon in the lobby of the resort mansion where the event was
held. An acoustic guitar/singer "Uncle Wade" and I held court for an hour
and a half 100% acoustic. Probably 30-40 people sitting on the floor and you
could hear a pin drop. One after another Wade cranked out the Van Morrison,
Beatles, Dylan, James Taylor, other assorted artists and a ton of oldies.
After my Pat Ramsey heavy listening warm-up on the ride up I truly was in
rare form. The acoustics in this old (1917) mansion were magical. I have
never had such a heartwarming response to my playing. The "headline band"
Saturday night wasn't really looking for a steady "sit in" but I did get
called up for an electric shuffle mid evening. I just played straight
through the PA and it worked fine. I think I had more fun dancing than I
would have playing anyway! I helped close that night with the party host
(Bil Krauss) www.bilkrauss.com <http://www.bilkrauss.com/>  . I met this guy
11 years ago in SC. Didn't see him face to face again until Friday evening!
Pictures and possibly some audio from the weekend will be posted soon from
what I understand. If interested click on the "annual party" link.


Which leads me into "Reality Check"; Bil has made a living for 20 years
being a professional musician. If you look at his calendar he has steady
work in Key West in the winter as well in the spring/summer on the Carolina
coast. His main livelihood comes from private and corporate gigs. He tells
me that very quickly everything corporate wise has dried up. Many holiday
gigs have been cancelled. The pinch is on for him. I also hung out with and
played with gigging musicians from the upstate NY area and Colorado. All
said the crunch is on big time. A few times over the last few years I have
pondered trying to make a buck at this game and reality always sets in
before I really get started. Being so involved with SPAH really is a serious
reality check for a harp player. So many talented and dedicated MONSTERS of
the harp still need to keep the day job to make ends meet. I have been out
of work for 2 months now after my company downsized to zero in quick
fashion. My reality check has come from health issues and a realization that
I love the music too much to screw it up with the concept of even trying to
make a living at it. I would end up nuts, frustrated and broke! This has
made me start aggressive networking in my fields of expertise (sales,
marketing and PR) I tweaked my resume and gathered some nice letters of
recommendation.  Already the interviews are happening. No one is pulling the
trigger till after the first of the year. I am confident that things will be
OK. I wish the same for anyone else out there dealing with the job hunt in
this turbulent economy.


I may get a chance here and there to use a computer while on the road but I
did want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and happy
Thanksgiving. If there is one thing positive that will come from this
economically challenged holiday season is that families and friends will get
a little closer together. Spending less time in restaurants and gallivanting
around and a lot more sitting around the kitchen table. Less mass quantities
of gift buying and having to put more thought into limited gift giving
choices. In the end of this life few will consider the most important things
to be monetary in nature. What will always matter the most is love and the
memories that love creates. 


Warren Bee

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