Re: [Harp-L] Reality check?

Very helpful post. 
I'm interested in hearing from those more on the front lines - like Rob P,  
Steve B (European scene), Brendan P (one of the most beautifully expressive of  
all), those that post videos on youtube, those that teach via internet/phone. 
 These will speak more to the realities of the financial situation and the  
ability to keep generating income during these strange days. Kudos and  
compliments because of these postings are nice, but when people only pay you  with 
compliments, you go out of business.
For the record, one of the "L'ers" that is doing just fine, thank you,  these 
days, because he has a plan and has worked it successfully, is Randy  Singer. 
He even offered his game plan for free to those interested - how many of  you 
took advantage of this generous offer? Not only a great musician, but an  
astute businessman.
In a message dated 11/24/2008 3:52:29 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
reedwrecker@xxxxxxxxx writes:

All  true, there's a lot of belt tightening going on, but as far as live
music  goes I'm also finding the opposite to be true. During the  depression
entertainment was alive and well. What we're living through now  may not be a
depression but when times are tough people seek escapism. I'm  getting more
phone calls for music projects, more gigs and more playing  opportunities
than I have in a long time. Maybe it's a coincidence. Maybe  not. Could just
be that Chicago's music scene is more impervious to tough  times than in
other cities. Musical entertainment is still alive and well  here. I'm
thankful for that.

But it's no way to make a living,  that's for sure. Most people I know who
are doing that give music lessons  and take every pick-up gig and studio
job they can get whether it pays $50.  or $500. No health plan, no retirement
plan, just hand to mouth  existence.

t.  albanese

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