Re: [Harp-L] Willie Dixon Controversy

, Dixon
was the biggest song thief in the history of blues.  Stories abound
of him offering to use his clout to get people a session to record
their original material with Chess (or Cobra/Abco, who he also worked
for briefly in the '50s), with one of two outcomes: the resulting
record was released, but Dixon's name appeared on the record as
composer, or else the session was never released, but the songs later
turned up on Howlin' Wolf, Muddy, or whoever's record, with Dixon's
name listed as composer.  This was the standard operating procedure,
and seemed to be accepted as the price one had to pay in order to get
hooked up with the prestigious Chess label.  Composer royalties were
not looked at as a big deal then, >

I'm sure this was (is) standard operating procedure---

sounds like Levon Helm's (who plays some harp {content}) gripe with Robbie Robertson.


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