[Harp-L] Re: Other Brit Blues/Rock Harp?

Does Mick Jagger really do the harp intro on Sweet Virginia?
It just kills me how much soul is there.
I'm not a blues harp afficianado so this may seem naive
but, I was playing along to the SBWII (Rice Miller) song Help Me 
the other day and this BEATLES harp lick jumps out. I guess
John Lennon had to get it somewhere... Maybe it was not a 
direct hand-me-down -- apparently Delbert McClinton was an 
influence. It was just such a surprise...
And thanks to John Frazer for posting his youtube version of Help
Me -- GREAT song and nicely done harp part by John -- good band
too. (Where does that rhythm package (in the song) come from? Sounds like
Booker T in Green Onions. I wonder if anyone knows the lineage?)

Shockley (the closet genealogist)

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