Re: [Harp-L] Other Brit Blues/Rock Harp?

and that gentleman (forgot his name, but an "L"'er did post it to my query  a 
few months ago) that plays harp/mandolin with Lindesfarne. He's the one that  
played mandolin on "Maggie May".
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Jim.Priest@xxxxxx writes:

Keith  Relf and Cyril Davies have been mentioned. Davies was the undisputed 
godfather  of British harp and got a whole lot of us started on the slippery  
Very much the first British  exponent of amplified Chicago harp.

Plus there were:
Paul Jones with  Manfred Mann - still playing excellently with The Blues Band.
Duster  Bennett - superb player, led his own band consisting of himself on 
harp,  guitar, hi-hat symbol and bass drum. Died tragically young.
John Mayall of  course

More occasional players were:
Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac  fame... great guitarist and passable harp 
Jack Bruce with  Cream.
Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, Roger Daltry and John Lennon... from time  to time 
and of variable standard.
And I'm sure a lot more who have drifted  out of mind (mine not theirs... 
although in some  cases...!)


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