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I'm as red-blooded male as anyone else here (with the obvious exceptions, or course :) ), but I have to agree. She's good looking (if you like that doe-eyed blonde thing), but I couldn't stand to listen to the whole song. My 6-yr-old writes better lyrics. And *I* can play better harp. I guess the guitar work was bearable. If you'll excuse me, I need to go do something with power tools now.


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oh, please. do i have to? ;) i've already sat through it once..some time ago. Remember it being posted it either on slidemeister or here? I know it was a topic of discussion already.
Maybe you could judge by the 100+ positive comments (invariably male); her marriage proposals, the rave reviews of her 'great' and 'wonderful' harmonica and guitar playing, how brilliantly talented she is as a singer, songwriter, etc, etc. What do i know. I choose not to be negative towards harmonica players. If you want honesty, i don't think it would matter if she was playing a kazoo and performing a rap song...she'd still be getting the same comments about how wonderfully talented she is as long as she kept smiling and flashing her very beautiful eyes at the camera ;)
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Subject: [Harp-L] Harmonica?
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I always like hearing women sing. She may have been playing harmonica. I've watched it a couple times, but I'm still not sure. She may have also been playing guitar. Perhaps if enough of us guys watch it, one of us will figure it out. Or Elizabeth could watch it and let us know.

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