[Harp-L] Yardbirds harp

Keith Relf was the singer and harp player.

After he died of electrocution, the Yardbirds picked up Billy Boy. He is
pretty darn good.

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> Ok,
> So we've beaten Zep's harp content to death...  But who played harmonica in
> the YardBirds as in I'm A Man?
> And..., did any other English (main-stream-ish) Blues-Rocker ever use the
> harp as a lead instrument for more than one or two songs, (Cream's ??Train
> Time?? Can't remember the name of that one...) other than John Mayall?
> We (especially me sometimes...) tend to point out the places where these
> British invasion groups got it wrong, but they were, consciously or not,
> contributing to what amounted to the birth of rock.
> And even though rock is getting a little old and stale just now, maybe what
> it needs is some other harp-infused tangent to liven it up just a little, as
> in 1964...
> Brad Trainham

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