Re: [Harp-L] Hohner Hoodoo Tube Amp?

Captron100@xxxxxxx wrote:
<I thought u didn't need an amp when using the Digitech RP200.  I  thought it
<was one of the big advantages that you run it thru the PA and  don't need to
<lug an amp around.  Am i wrong in my assumption of its  usage?  

Yes, you can run the RP200 directly to the PA, and that's how I almost always do it.  Some players prefer to have an amp onstage with volume under their own control, and for those players a keyboard amp--which is essentially a self-contained PA--is the way to go.  I've used a keyboard amp for an onstage monitor two or three time in the last few years.  It helps sometimes with a loud band.  But as per previous comment, it's not required--the PA will work fine.

Regards, Richard Hunter
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