[Harp-L] "Shorty" Medlocke recordings

Is there anyone out there in Harp L land that knows where to find recordings of Delta Blues musician "Shorty" Medlocke?

He was the grandfather of Rickey Medlocke from the Southern Rock band Blackfoot.

Shorty wrote "Train Train" and did a wonderful intro to the song, a steam train imitation. I would love to find other recordings by this guy, but so far all I find online are little bits and pieces. there is a youtube video where he starts a fox chase and it ends abruptly. Frustrating.

This guy is the real deal when it comes to playing steam train imitations and fox chases and the description of him as a bluegrass musician leads me to belive he could also play a mean fiddle tune if he wanted to.

Does anyone have info or ideas where to look for more of this guys work?

I would be happy to find anything, no matter how bad the quality of the recording.


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