[Harp-L] Other Brit Blues/Rock Harp?

So we've beaten Zep's harp content to death...  But who played harmonica in
the YardBirds as in I'm A Man?
And..., did any other English (main-stream-ish) Blues-Rocker ever use the
harp as a lead instrument for more than one or two songs, (Cream's ??Train
Time?? Can't remember the name of that one...) other than John Mayall? 
We (especially me sometimes...) tend to point out the places where these
British invasion groups got it wrong, but they were, consciously or not,
contributing to what amounted to the birth of rock. 
And even though rock is getting a little old and stale just now, maybe what
it needs is some other harp-infused tangent to liven it up just a little, as
in 1964...
Brad Trainham

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