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You Shook Me and I can't quit you Babe were the two Willie Dixon's I was thinking of. My LP says the same credit. That's interesting that Rice Miller got no credit on Bring it on Home. Yes it was a different song after the intro, but, they actually had him singing in the intro, that really was him, right? I'm with Bob on that being a slam.
On "Gallows Pole" that is about as traditional as you can get. I think that song dates back to the 1300s.I never could listen to Hats off to Roy Harper, I remember it being a good song, but whatever that sound effect was that sounded like Plant was singing through a CB radio, I never could get past it. I'd always thought of City of New Orleans as an Arlo Guthrie tune, which brings up the point of this general consensus of whoever people first heard do the song, is who they think wrote it. I wrote a short story once that got published in some fancy magazine where these American boys run out of snuff in Austria and take a 1,000 mile trip up to Sweden to get some. It ends with them fishing on the Baltic, chewing snuff and listening to Hank Williams sing "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain." So, everybody and his brother writes in saying I don't know what I'm talking about, it was a Willie Nelson song, how could you let this ignorant jackass write in your
 magazine, etc. 
I wound up having to provide a clip of Hank singing it to the magazine to prove my case. But Hank didn't write it, either, Fred Rose did. Hank just sang it. I would love to see someplace where you can check and see who the legal writer of a song is, it is so ambiguous many times and there is no easy way to check for sure. 
Back on Zeppelin, the Lemon song has some lines ripped from Robert Johnson about squeezing lemons (not a line for mixed company), etc. 
Harp content and since Charlie played on Goodman, Charlie seems to have always done a fine job of awarding credit where credit is due._________________________________
Dave Payne Sr. 
Elk River Harmonicas 

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I'm looking at the 4 Led Zep lps, bought when they were new.

Here are the songwriting credits for some of the discussed songs:

Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
trad. arr. Jimmy Page

You Shook Me
Willie Dixon

I Can't Quit You Babe
Willie Dixon

*This might not be a first edition, but I believe it is. I know the 
others are.

The Lemon Song
Page, Plant, Jones, Bonham

Bring it on Home
Jimmie Page & Robert Plant

Gallows pole
trad. arr. J. Page, R. Plant

Hats of to (Roy) Harper
trad. arr. Charles Obscure

When the Levee Breaks
Jimmy Page-Robert Plant-John Paul Jones-John Bonham-Memphis Minnie

I have a John Denver album that includes Steve Goodman's City of New 
Orleans. Mr. Denver adds a lame verse, and earns a co-author credit.

Oh, harp content... Toots Tielman is the harmonica player on the John 
Denver album (Aerie). Charlie McCoy plays harmonica on the Steve 
Goodman album.


Bill Richards

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