Re: [Harp-L] Can't stand the competition!

I can see why they're only 8.95.
I don't think we'll be replaced by
these samples


>>> "Brian Stear" <brianstear@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 11/23/08 14:12 PM >>>

Man, those digital guys need to leave us alone! Though I'd be curious to how accurate they sound..................

Splurgo Audio announces the release of two new sample packs. 

Harmonica Loops ( - Harmonicas are used in all sorts of music, by all sorts of people and in civil war / prison / depression era films and probably lots of other places. So pick it up! Bound to find a use for it eventually. This pack contains 60 loops at 100 bpm keyed in C and D and is available in Sony Acid WAV and Apple Garageband AIFF format. The pack is available for $8.95.
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