Re: [Harp-L] Effects pedal board for harp?

venkyr@xxxxxxx wrote:
<Anyone on the list have an opinion/ experience with this arrangement for harp playing
<through the pedal board described here? 

This is a combo of an overdrive, tremolo, chorus, "slap echo", and tuner pedal with a case for $150.  The tuner is useless for harp.  The tremolo isn't very useful.  The overdrive may or may not work for harp--most overdrives don't.  That leaves the chorus and the "slap echo".  "Slap" echo probably means it only does very short delays, and cuts off high frequencies, which are tricks you can do with most delay pedals.  The chorus is nice to have, but it may or may not be a good chorus effect.  Overall, probably not the best possible use for $150 where harp is concerned.

I suggest you check the user reviews at before making a decision.  NO ONE should ever buy ANY effect without reading the reviews at first.   

Regards, Richard Hunter
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