Re: [Harp-L] Seydel Reed Compatibility Question

"Crazy" Bob asks: 
"Can the stainless steel reeds used in the Seydel 1847 be used on thereedplates of the Seydel Blues Session without major modification?I'm thinking about trying to get a set of reeds for replacements, andam curious.Thank you,Crazy Bob"

You can't buy them as sets of singles yet, you still have to buy them as plates. The reeds are profiled differently I think, but, as far as I know, the slots are the same. The stainless reeds behave differently, imo, so, personaly, I don't like to mix and match, but I believe that's not what you're doing - you're thinking of replacing all 20. 
To the best of my knowledge, the reedplates themselves won't work on a Session comb because they are too large, but the bolt patterns should otherwise match up. 

If it's a plastic comb you're looking for, the 1847 Silver is plastic, but it is the sandwich-type comb, not a recessed-plate style plastic and the plastic is pretty dense for plastic.
If it is the Session style coverplate you are looking for, just get an 1847 and put Session coverplates on it or Favorite, the Session and Favorite coverplates are pretty much the same._________________________________
Dave Payne Sr. 
Elk River Harmonicas 

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