[Harp-L] Effects pedal board for harp?

I wouldn't bother. Not that they are bad pedals but most of them do
not work well for the harmonica.  You'd also be locking yourself into
Danelectro pedals.

I got my board from this guy  http://www.custompedalboard.com/  I
don't know what he's charging now but a couple of years ago, my board
was less than $140 shipped to my house.  He has a picture a purple
board on his site... mine is just like that.

These are nice boards and can take some serious abuse like falling
down a flight of stairs or falling out of truck.

Get yourself a power strip and DC brick and you're set.

I see absolutely no reason to spend the huge amounts of money for
those smaller boards with "built in power suppy" when you can make one
or get one for less than half.

Anyone on the list have an opinion/ experience with this arrangement
for harp playing through the pedal board described here?



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