[Harp-L] re: Over-blows on the Steve Baker Specials

The one SBS harp that I own, in C, is easily the OB friendliest harp I´ve ever come across out of the box, which is how I play them (too clumsy to modify; too poor to buy custom). All the extra blow notes are clean and solid in the third octave. The OD´s are there as well: not really sounding good -- do they ever? -- but identifiable.
  In fact, this is overall the best harmonica that I´ve ever played. My sole regret is that it is an SBS ... a large and rather cumbersome monster that´s, well, a bit hard to handle.
  But that´s my problem.
From: "Bradford Trainham" <bradford.trainham@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [Harp-L] Over-blows on the Steve Baker Specials

I just found out... That on a G Steve Baker Special..., I can do the
over-blows I'd normally expect to get on holes four, five ans six... On
holes seven, eight and nine. 
I was really surprised to be able to get the f above the d on the nine-blow,
but I've done it more than once, so it wasn't an accident. 
This G harp seems somehow tighter than the lower (c and d) 365's I have both
in SBS tuning and "standard" tuning. 
And now my revelation... Is your revelation...
Brad Trainham

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