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And the main body of that pinnacle of human musical endeavor The Lemon
Song... Was taken from Howlin' Wolf's Killing Floor.
And on Zep's Dazed and Confused, where I think there is actually some
harp..., a smattering of SonnyBoy and probably everybody else. 
 Not sure who wrote When The Levy Breaks. 
Brad Trainham

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Willie Dixon wrote most of the "Muddy, Wolf" songs done by Led Zeppelin.

Songs written by Willie Dixon recorded by Led Zeppelin:

Bring it on Home
Whole Lotta Love (You Need Love)
As Long as I Have You
I Can't Quit you Babe
You Shook Me

-Rick Davis

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> So much of Zep's early material was simply "lifted" from Muddy, Wolf, 
> etc., why not simply go to the originals and do some comparison for 
> inspiration to fit harp into these tunes?
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