[Harp-L] Timing Is Everything!

In the middle of all the sadness about our loss of Pat Ramsey there was
mention of the digitally re-mastered Johnny Winter CD White, Hot & Blue
available at CD Baby. In the wee hours of the morning I pulled out my credit
card and ordered it right away. It was just my humble and self serving
tribute to the master harmonica man who graced that legendary album. Now
here I am packing the car to leave in a few hours to do a 2 day gig at a
resort in Massachusetts this weekend. I will be the "house harmonica guy"
for three bands. It is an annual bash that an old musician friend of mine
from South Carolina has done for the last 15 years on the weekend before
Thanksgiving. I have a four hour drive ahead of me and what just showed up
in my mailbox?  White, Hot and Blue! What great timing!  I will spend my
entire drive relishing and wallowing in the licks of Pat Ramsey. I vow to
play it over and over; to soak in the magic that that great man created when
he put a harp to his lips. I can only think that after four hours of
listening to Pat Ramsey harp that I will be pumped and ready to blow my butt
off this weekend! So thanks once more Pat. May you be at peace in your new
home. Please take comfort in knowing that your work of art will live on
forever and inspire hacks like me to give it my best. I dedicate every note
I blow this weekend to Mr. Pat Ramsey. 


Warren Bee

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