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Well stated observation. Sometimes musicians play to keep themselves  
interested, leaving the rest behind. I've heard many sets played this way,  including 
some by well known harmonica players. It doesn't matter that I "get  it" - 
and I do - the result is still an experience that I wouldn't want to  revisit. 
In the midst of the ol' IAJE Conventions, after many sets of musicians  
showing how "out" they play together, all it took was one set w/Dr. Lonnie  Liston 
Smith or Stanley Turrentine to totally re-unite and electrify the large  
While exploring the outer boundaries of music, it is nice to bring it all  
home as well.
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Amazing  musicians, but I feel they were out of touch with the
comprehension of most  people. Every tune featured polyrhythms so complex
that it was virtually  impossible to tell where the '1' was, or feel any
groove at all, and the  soloing was all very long and essentially  atonal.

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