[Harp-L] Subject: Re: Dave's Pat Ramsey write-up/SPAH and Charlie Musselwhite

That was a wonderful 'official' write-up for your newspaper,  Dave.  You're a 
very good writer...I'm sure Pat Ramsey's family as well  as Jason and Pat's 
many friends will love your article! 
 I also thoroughly enjoyed your inclusion of  that great 'old' video of Pat 
and the Blues Disciples singing 'my'  song :)   nice.
...although seeing/hearing Pat do it in person onstage at SPAH 2005  was 
fabulous...with him now skinnier but in great shape and with no hair (I  think he 
looked 1000x better, actually).  
The morning after Jason's 'Annual Harp Blow-off', Pat took the stage  with 
Jason and several other top-notch harmonica players...if I remember  correctly 
Madcat, Paul Davies and Dennis Gruenling were among them...(was  Winslow there? 
- I did a write-up back then..it should be in the archives),  and their 
interactions with the audience - talking about their  origins, playing together 
..had us all glued to our seats. Each  guy would blow a few riffs..then discuss 
their playing style and answer  questions from the audience and each other... 
Pat mercilessly teasing Jason each  time he'd (deliberately) blow a typical Pat 
Ramsey riff...'you stole that one  from me'!  then a moment later as Jason 
would add something else to  it...'but I never played it like THAT!', to the 
audience's huge amusement.
....Imagine a typical late-night Filisko/Buzz/Jimmy Gordon SPAH Blues  Jam 
but with Pat Ramsey sitting in acting no differently than any other  
attendee...wow.  There are photos on the net somewhere (probably from  Grace 
Fischette)..I might even have a few taken with my crappy little camera...  I think it 
included not only Pat but Jason and Kirk 'JellyRoll' Johnson.  Now that's a jam... 
 ... and those were the days...
To me this is one of the reasons never to miss any SPAH if at all  possible. 
Each one is so different...the core attendees may be  somewhat the same, but 
always, always, surprises abound. Great players showing  up...sometimes 
completely unknown amateurs taking everyone by  surprise...Jay Gaunt fell into that 
category (as one of the new Young-at-Harp  players) this year, playing blues 
like a seasoned pro...
Charlie Musselwhite's been mentioned as somehow perhaps being 'dissed'? Not  
Being somewhat clumsy, I literally bumped into him walking into one of the  
'stores' at this SPAH..so said hello and introduced myself. He amiably walked  
around chatting with people and taking photos...if one goes to the flikr site  
posted by JP Pagan about the updated SPAH website..and looks through Grace's  
photos..there's a great shot of Charlie outside on the patio taking  photos 
of other people playing. How cool is that? 
...He was genuinely moved to receive one of the two Pete Pedersen awards at  
the Banquet/awards show Saturday night. Anneliese (Sissi) Jones was the other  
recipient. Both well deserving of such. His unplanned speech had him choking 
up,  as his conversation with Jaine Rodack (and recounted in this most recent 
issue  of Harmonica Happenings) will show. Trust me, he's not overlooked in  
this community...he came back to SPAH, 2008 because he'd had such a good time 
as  an invited guest last year.
These legends walking among us ...and we get to meet them and enjoy their  
music at a SPAH...it just doesn't get any better for a harmonica player...
We truly are in the Diamond Era of SPAH as described by....Buzz?  (I 
think)...and it can only keep getting better with people like Warren and JP  helping 
to run things and bringing a new perspective and approach.
Life is much too short, and I've come back to harmonica playing much too  
late... I'll never forget getting to meet Pat Ramsey...and Charlie  
Musselwhite...Gary Primich (SPAH 2006) among so many other people whose playing  I admire - 
Jason Ricci, Robert Bonfiglio, Will Galison, Peter 'Madcat' Ruth..not  to 
mention all the 'regular' jazz/chromatic players who are all wonderful and  from 
whom I learn so much... and whom I know and count among my  friends...far too 
many to name...so am making the most of the golden  opportunities to meet and 
interact with these people under the most amazing  circumstances while I still 
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