RE: [Harp-L] Harp On Wonder Pets Go To Chicago?

Hi Michael,

Wonder Pets is produced for Nickelodeon by Little Airplane Studios in New
York City.  Nick, Jr. uses harmonica music for several different early
childhood shows like Jack and Annies Music and Wonder Pets.  A lot of this
can be seen on their Noggin channel.  Maybe it's the same guy.

Joshua can ask the folks at Wonder Pets next time he's over at the studios.
I'm sure they can tell him.  He filmed a TV pilot with them this year and
they use kids Joshua's age for Wonder Pet voice overs.  I know he has played
his harmonica for them on several occasions but that was a while ago and I'm
absolutely sure it's not him.  They are really nice people over there.  You
can also contact them directly through the website:  I think you can take tours of the place to if
you and the kids are ever in NYC.

Who knows, perhaps the musician is already on the list.  We've got to catch
a plane now.


Joshua King

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Hi All,

Anyway, when they save the cricket in Chicago they have some excellent
Chicago blues as well as all around diatonic harp throughout the episode.
This is SO good, I am thinking it is someone we know.  Any ideas?


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