[Harp-L] New harmonica tracks

Dear colleagues in harmonicology

My condolences for the loss of Pat Ramsey and the hurt it has caused.

I've just recorded and put up 4 new improvised solo harmonica tracks at the following address


I would appreciate any feedback about technique because having been on this list six months I think the approach I have developed is asethetically deviant in that I seem to be seeking a sound that is different from what a lot of people want to hear on the harmonica. So I can't tell whether the end result is good in harmonica playing terms or not. This is kind of a weird feeling, because BEFORE I subscribed to harp-l I thought, all innocent of overblows etc, that I was pretty good if too bone idle to learn a tune all the way through.

Harmonicas used were Suzuki MR350v, Hohner XB40 and a Hering 1923 vintage harp. These are all harps that I find so amazing in their own ways to play that I don't (yet) feel the need for customized instruments. I grew up on frankly weak Hohner echo super vampers, if you could grind a tone out of them (even after soaking them in beer) you were doing well.

Global love and peace


Richard Hammersley
Grantshouse, Scottish Borders

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