[Harp-L] on winslow's book

i went out last week to pick up a copy of winslow yerxa's
Harmonica for Dummies book.  i confess i didn't think i
actually needed it; the title implies that it's for beginners.
i went to buy it mostly just to support one of our own who
is always so helpful on the list.  i also assumed, based on
winslow's contributions here, that it would be an excellent
book, and that i might find some useful morsels.  i didn't
even look through it at the store, just picked up a copy and
bought it.

turns out i was wrong on several counts.  it seems that i actually
do need this, or rather, there is tons of material that will be
really useful to me as an intermediate player.

it also turns out that "excellent" is an understatement.  the
range of topics is broad, from total newbie stuff to overblows
and playing in a band.  his writing is clear and cohesive,
easy to follow.  in my career i work with a lot of really smart
people.  the ones that impress me the most are the ones who can
explain things really well.  this book is like that.  i wish i
had owned this book when i started playing.  it could have saved
me years of effort.

i haven't listened to the CD at all yet, so i can't comment
on how useful that is in supporting the printed material. i
expect that will be helpful, as well.  but even just the printed
material stands on its own.

it seems to me that we now have a stock answer to the perennial
question, "how do i get started?".  just get this book.

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