[Harp-L] excessive quoting MANDATORY to READ!!!

Lots of held posts these days due to quoted digests; long quotes from
posts and no editing of quoted text.  PLEASE edit your post to include
just a line or two of what it is you're responding to then append your
comments.  Quoting an entire long post generates digests that are tough to
read, uses up the server capacity and potentially costs money if we go
over limit on the bandwidth per day or per month.  We also have limited
disk space for the archive.  One day it will fill up.  When that happens
I'll have to pay for upgraded service that includes a larger storage
capacity.  In other words you're costing the list money by not editing
your posts.

The upside of tightly quoted responses is they're a lot more readable. 
People pay more attention to what you write.  Your words are less likely
to get mixed in with the quotes and misconstrued or mis attributed.

So far this morning we've had I think 4 digests sent out.  Virtually all
of this traffic has been because of 4 line responses added to a many line
quoted post.  So please think of your friends the digest subscribers and
the list owner when you post.  Take the time to edit your posts and help
make the list just a little more concise and a lot more readable.  Thanks!


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