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I true tragedy and he will be missed. For all of us with Hep C it is  a scary 
time. Most of us have tried Interpheron, the only drug  approved, only to 
have severe side effects or it didn't work. I am getting  close to the point of 
no return which is why my amps are the price they are,  what I paid to have 
them built. I need to clean up everything before I go.  Pierre Laquote of 
Mississippi Heat bought a Cruncher and is endorsing it in  Chicago, in my opinion it 
is one of my best and last efforts. My dreams of  seminars to pass along what 
Sonny Terry showed me for 2 years may  not become reality, but I remain 
positive and if you have talked or  emailed me, know I have changed. I believe I 
will leave many people with joy  from my amps, at least I hope so. That was my 
goal. I have not made any  money at it. Seriously look at the reviews of the 
cruncher, I know there  are other amps, but this is in its own right as strong as 
the 410 and more  compact. Pat will be missed and Jason summed it up best. We 
all did this to  ourselves and now are having to face our fate. The Cruncher 
is only 1395 and the  410 is only 1595, that is what they cost me to have 
built with my unique parts.  Maybe a couple of issues with an amp in my 15 years 
of production of the 4 amps.  The Cruncher is my best effort for just right out 
of the box rip your socks off.  I have them ready to ship within days. Once I 
am gone, it will be over. For  those that were at the tone seminar with Dave, 
thank you for such respect. Not  many people in clubs know what I am doing as 
they never heard of Sonny. My  friends who have contacted me with Hep C are 
welcome to email me if they feel  like getting anything off their chest. For 
many the disease will not progress, I  am at stage 3.8, once I hit stage 4 that 
is when the cirrhoses makes its  journey. I need my other knee replaced but I 
am scared to go through with  16 weeks and having a body part sawed out , the 
pain is being managed. I want to  thank EVERYONE who has bought an amp from 
me, trusted me, and hopefully is  happy. I may write my story of how the amps 
came to fruition but for now hope I  can move my stock I paid for already. May 
you all be well and thank  you. Gary Sonny Jr Onofrio 
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