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As someone who paid $35 on eBay for a French pressing, I think, of
White Hot and Blue a few years ago, I tell you the double CD is a
screamin' deal.  Nothin' but the Blues features James Cotton and the
Muddy Waters band from the Hard Again sessions and is also a fine harp
record; a lot of people would call the two Johnny Winter's finest
straight blues efforts.  Probably the first two records where I
listened to a lot of harmonica, years before I learned to play . . .
bless my brother for having the LPs, maybe now I can give his Nothin'
but the Blues CD back :-).  Thanks, fjm; thanks and RIP, Pat.

Stephen Schneider

On Nov 17, 10:38 pm, fjm <bad_...@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Just in case you decided you have to have this recording the correct
> name is in the subject header above and you can't buy it by itself
> anymore.  It's only out as an import and it's in combination with
> Nothing but the Blues.  Cduniverse has it, here's the url,
> http://www.cduniverse.com/search/xx/music/pid/7372083/a/Nothin'+But+T...
> No doubt it's out there other places.  You can get Pat's recordings
> direct fromhttp://www.patramsey.com/ yes I know Jason I already
> mentioned this but maybe you missed it the fist time around.  fjm
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