Re: [Harp-L] Re: Pat Ramsey

Jason... that was one of the most heartfelt tributes I have ever read. 
I had the chance to meet Pat at SPAH in Kansas City. My main memory of  him, other than his superb playing, was that he was so open to learning something new.
One night in KC, I found him in the hotel lobby with a young kid, about 16 years old. This young man's only exposure to harmonica before he came to SPAH was his John Popper recordings and the boy had spent a lot of time and had learned much of Popper's style.
So there the two of them were, the young kid showing the veteran how to play some of those fast licks. I just thought that was very cool.
You were lucky, Jason, to have met someone like that who helped change your life. We harmonica players have been lucky to have guys like Pat and Gary Primich, despite their early departures from this world. 
My sincere condolences.
Steve Webb in Minnesota

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