[Harp-L] Headed Home from China

It¹s been a great three weeks in China! I did three club dates, a TV
appearance, the Asian Pacific Festival, and finished up with a masterclass
that surprised everyone at the music school where the event was held.
Usually the class draws 6 or 7 people unless it¹s someone like a Bob James
who will conduct a class next week. Those kind of celebrities draw 20 to 30
people. I had 45 people attend the class and I contribute this turnout to
the Chinese peoples love of the instrument and my club appearances here in
Shanghai. Don¹t get me wrong, I am not blowing my own horn (or in this case
my harmonicas) but rather crowing about the popularity of our instrument in
Thanks to all of you who showed up for these events and to those of you who
followed along. Also a big special thanks to Lars Seifert and Rupert Oysler
of Seydel for their support on this tour.

If you would like to get a more in depth look at some of my experiences for
the last three weeks you can check out the following links.



http://www.myspace.com/ptgazell   (if you have a myspace account) pics are
also posted here.


PT Gazell

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