[Harp-L] Pat Ramsey

So sad ! Thanks for sending the post Jason. I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging with Pat at the Kansas City SPAH. We got along well and liked each other, he was a cool guy. I then had the chance to help him by doing the fundraiser to get him through his Katrina hurricane loss and then finally took a drive to a Pennsylvania gig of his (I'm in Jersey) where we got to hang out a little more. Also hung with his drummer Steve and Jason is right, he's a good guy too. The message, life is short and a gift to be appreciated, so what are you going to do with the gift? Try to help our human race and love your family and friends. Maybe a little tune on our friend the harmonica will bring a smile to their faces. Pat knew that and did that. Glad our paths crossed.
Goodbye Pat Ramsey, your music lives on.



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