[Harp-L] Portnoy CD

Hey All,
 Last year I loaned out the 3rd disc of my 3 disc Jerry Portnoy Blues Harmonica Masterclass CD set (which I highly recommend) and never got back. I'd like it back or a replacement so I emailed fellow Harp-l'er Bill Hines and asked if I could get a copy of his.
No deal, he had loaned his out also but he suggested I call the publisher and buy one.
That was a better idea since some of the cash would go to Jerry, so I called
International Blues Management at 508-385-5105 and asked if I could buy just the 3rd CD. The fellow that answered said he'd check to see if he had one and put me on hold.
Ahhh, he did ! Great I'll send you a check and I was happy. In closing I asked the fellow,"you sound like Jerry, are you"?  Well he was, so there I was speaking to "The Man".  We chated
 briefly  and I said I'd send him a check so now I'm waiting  for the CD to complete my set.  Thanks Jerry. By the way, he doesn't go fishing.


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