[Harp-L] Kinder AFB

I find the AFB+ I recently bought can color tone, depending on how it's set up.

Playing it through a '59 Basmman RI (Jason's) or a Harpgear 30, both really outstanding amps, there's no problem, but playing through some other guitar amps in very loud band situations it has been necessary to adjust the AFB such that it can result in some minor clipping and what I'd call
compression,  if you like Piazza's sound, it's that, and I happen to like that sound sometimes.  

The AFB+ is a good investment for me, I can take it to jams and not deploy my own amp, just toss this in the chain (always closest to the amp input).

I have never met John K, and get no kickbacks (but he's welcome to offer!)


AFB+ is listed as costing $359.00 US, and John Kinder advertises free shipping in the US.  He's at 
 (951) 242-5923
25030 Yucca DriveMoreno Valley, Ca. 92553

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