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I just spent my Sunday morning retuning a B Delta Frost down to F minor. I wasn't using the B (who does?) and most of the retuning was only down half steps with a few whole tones. I don't like tuning down because working the middle and bottom of the reed is such a delicate operation. I t was mostly just an experiment. I used a sheet rock knife blade as a draw scraper kind of like cabinet makers use a nicely edged piece of metal to finish wood. I kind of doinked up a couple of the reeds but I got it to play ok. Luke
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I took an old Big River Low F and tuned it up to F sharp. It took me most of an afternoon, but I now use it as a spare and it plays quite well.
Steve Webb in chilly Minnesota

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> If this is true, order a High "F" and tune it up yourself. You'll learn > a
> lot about the harmonica by doing so. Takes a bit of patience.

Or for the less patient amongst us order a regular F# and tune it up the
half step.  I second the advice though.  Retuning a harmonica to
something you want but cannot easily get is something everyone should
do.  Even if you only do it once it's a worthwhile experience.  The
number of things that fall into place with this simple exercise are
astounding.  It sets in motion a process of learning that I don't know
is available through any other method.  fjm
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