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Frank, you are so usual. The sad part is (harmonica content), that I would have expected, and was dismayed to find, that harmonicas made in the Czechy/Boii/Slovakish region 'should' be superior instruments, when they are not. The region was home to some of the finest machinists (and craftsmen..just look at Prague) on the planet. Perhaps being on the 'dark side' all those years has rendered this phenominon moot? :)


On Nov 17, 2008, at 2:23 PM, Frank Evers wrote:


Am Montag, 17. November 2008 schrieb Dave Payne, Elk River Harmonicas:
although the nationalist
sentiment identified Bohemia would have been czech nationalism.

You ignore that Bohemia was multi ethnic back then. Even if germans living in Bohemia (and they were a lot) would have been bohemian nationalists (which would have been less nationalism but separatism since there was no bohemian nation or bohemian people) they surely wouldn't have been czech nationalists - they were germans, not czechs. Bohemia was not a nation, it was a region.

I do wonder if the Richter legend is far newer, maybe post World
War II. _________________________________

What do you mean with Richter legend? Any evidence for this thesis?


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