[Harp-L] Re: Kinder AFB Pedal

Robert,  I had to repair a Kinder AFB pedal for AC Blue (a great  player from 
Hungary who now lives in CO).  He said it cut in and out.   When I opened it 
I found that some poor solder work on the pots had  led to one of the wires 
breaking loose and touching intermittently.  I  repaired the solder issues and 
it worked fine.  
I was amazed to see how much circuit work was inside of this  thing.  This is 
no simple device, a LOT of thought and  engineering skill went into it.  I'm 
guessing the circuit  board production is farmed out and final assembly is 
done under the Kinder  roof, which may explain the very nice boards mated to the 
pots in such  a sloppy fashion. 
The rest of the pedal seemed well built, so this might be the only one  that 
escaped with this problem. Has anyone else encountered reliability or build  
quality issues with this device?  
Food for thought:  I'm of the "Keep It Simple" camp.  No  getting around that 
lots of components = more chances of issues arising.  

To be fair, this is a solid state device.  If the design is good  and the 
components are of high quality, and if it is  properly assembled... it should be 
quite reliable.  Take the  plunge if it solves a problem for you.
Chris Richards
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