Re: Re: [Harp-L] Golden Melody in high G

I made mine by buying a high G Marine Band and cutting the plates 
down to fit the GM body.  Of course, to really get the GM experience 
you have to adjust the intonation to 12TET.  


Iceman wrote:
> If this is true, order a High "F" and tune it up yourself. 
> You'll learn a lot about the harmonica by doing so. Takes 
> a bit of patience.
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Joe  Leone wrote:
> John F. Potts wrote:
> > Does or did Hohner make  a Golden Melody in the key of high G?
> <snip>
> No, they  make them but they are rarely ordered. Mines is at 
> the high end of my  gig case.

With all respect to the emminent Mr. Leone, I don't believe  this is 
correct.  I used to buy harmonicas directly from the  distributor, 
was informed that both low and high tunings were no  longer being 
It's still perhaps possible to find new-old-stock  in inventory 
somewhere, but I don't believe they're coming out of the  factory in 
these keys these days.  

Perhaps John Watts will  weigh in on this topic.   


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