Re: [Harp-L] RE: Upright Electric Bass (Doghouse)

I've usually heard this instrument in a jazz context. 

One of the masters if the instrument is    
Eberhard Weber. He recorded some wonderful stuff for ECM records. Check out an album called Colours of Chloe. 

Gary Popenoe

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Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2008 20:25:55 -0600> From: "Seth Galitzer" <sethgali@xxxxxxxxx>> Subject: Re: [Harp-L] Upright Bass Simulator> To: Harp-L <harp-l@xxxxxxxxxx>> > If your main concern is the size of the upright, you may want to> consider, what I'd call a hybrid acoustic/electric bass. I think> catalogs list them as an "upright electric bass". Basically, it's an> electric with a full-sized acoustic fingerboard that you play upright,> instead of like a guitar. I can't speak to their quality or> playability, but I've seen pros use them. You play it like a> double-bass, and it's about as tall as one, but it has a tiny solid> body with electric pickups. Sometimes they have a stand that they sit> on while you play it, so it's not quite as long as a double-bass.> Beauty is in the ear of the bass player, of course.> > Seth> (not a bass player)> 
My cousin uses one of these upright electric bass. It sounds just like
and plays just like a standard upright (doghouse) bass, but it weighs 
considerably less. He switched to it after a severe back injury. There
is an adjustable pole (stand) at the bottom to adjust the height. The
neck is exactly the same size as a standard doghouse. My cousin uses
a 5-string rather than a 4-string.

Good luck!
Crazy Bob

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