[Harp-L] harmonica workshop question

Ther'e so many of you with more experience at this, I just had to pick your brains!.....
  I'm doing a pair of 30-45 min. workshops at a grade school in Bloomington, Il. K-2, and 3-5. I've always done workshops in classrooms to groups of 60 or less. This will be 2 groups of approx. 250 each. My question is this;
  This will be held in their gym, with the kids sitting on the gym floor. I have the option of either being on stage, or on the floor with the kids. I'm used to having that close, intimate contact with being on their level. But as my wife pointed out, for a group that size, it might be better for all of them to see me on the stage.
  What's been your experience with large groups? If you'd like, you can let me know your thoughts offlist. 
  I've had good succsess with smaller groups. Just trying to get as many kids involved as I can!


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