Re: [Harp-L] Upright Bass Simulator

If your main concern is the size of the upright, you may want to
consider, what I'd call a hybrid acoustic/electric bass.  I think
catalogs list them as an "upright electric bass".  Basically, it's an
electric with a full-sized acoustic fingerboard that you play upright,
instead of like a guitar.  I can't speak to their quality or
playability, but I've seen pros use them.  You play it like a
double-bass, and it's about as tall as one, but it has a tiny solid
body with electric pickups.  Sometimes they have a stand that they sit
on while you play it, so it's not quite as long as a double-bass.
Beauty is in the ear of the bass player, of course.

(not a bass player)

On Sun, Nov 16, 2008 at 4:48 PM, Hal Iwan <haliwan@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello all
> I am inquiring about something/anything that will give a 4 string Fender electric bass the sound of an upright bass. This will be switchable as needed in a 4 harp & guitar driven
> blues band. Or ... stuck with an upright monster ??
> Any thoughts/experiences ??
> Thanks and best regards,
> Hal Iwan

The beatings will continue until morale has improved.

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