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It's Jon, short for Jonathan. No "h".

"I do have formal training in the historical research arts and that award from the West Virginia Press Association for Best Investigative Journalism (that was a previous award, not the one I won this year)"

Good for you. I don't accept arguments from authority and I also have formal training in history. All of which is completely besides the point--you still haven't given any response to the issues I raised.

You made two claims in your original post. First, that there was someone named "Joseph Richter" who "invented Richter" and second that the Anton Richter who had a harmonica company was his brother. You stated these as facts. Definitive statements have a distinct meaning when studying history. They mean that these are known from direct evidence. I see no direct evidence here, not even logical supposition (which should still be couched in caveats). I've looked into these some myself, but also talked about these with people who know more than I on the subject. And then I quoted the person who probably has done more research into harmonica history than anyone I've yet seen. I pointed out that the first assumption you made can by no means be thought of as a fact--there is little evidence for an inventor named "Joseph Richter" and what there is can be considered highly questionable. Further, there is little to no evidence of any connection between these two Richters--which seems to be a common Bohemian name at the time.

Deal with the issues I raise, not me personally. If you are incapable of the former, that really isn't my problem.

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