Re: [Harp-L] calling tongue block benders

            Have you listened to players doing this? I learnt it off Palmer Mcabee's 'Lost Boy Blues' supplemented with Wayne Raney, Onie Wheeler & Lonnie Glosson.
            Keeping in mind that the tongue extends down into the throat, I always think of it as a 'throat' action more than tongue.
            Pulling the Adam's apple down is one way of thinking of it, but even that may be simply a personal piece of imagery
rather than a true explanation of what actually happens.
           Just keep at it, is all I can say!
>>> "steve abercrombie" <aber@xxxxxxxxx> 16/11/2008 6:28 >>>
Is there anyone out there who regularly uses full bends on 2 and 3 draw while tongue block playing? I've bought instructional cd's and had many suggestions which I have tried and tried for more than a year now. I just cannot get lower than the 1/2 note bend on 2 and 3 holes. I get the same results with pucker method. I guess I am looking for a tongue block player who may have had similar problems but eventually had a ureka moment. 

Thanks in advance.

Steve.....bent out of shape
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