[Harp-L] re: Who on earth is Anton the Plumber?

Dave Payne writes:

"However, sorry if I wasn't clear, my question was about Anton Richter bass violins. "

It was, but your basic misunderstanding of the harmonica history was the part I felt like dealing with, since I have no knowledge of Anton Richter stringed instruments, nor a particular desire to find out.

Still, I took about two minutes and did a Google search. There was a musical family in the German speaking regions from the 18th through 20th centuries named Richter, mostly related to positions as organists and Kapellmeisters. There seems to have been at least one organbuilder in the family, and he could have possibly made other instruments as well (which was not uncommon) particularly stringed or free-reed keyboard instruments (depending on the dates of the individual).

Also, it appears that the Anton Richter name is used for members of all the orchestral strings, not just basses. I found no corporate website as typing "www.antonrichter.com" redirected here:


Whether this has any relation to the Anton Richter violins is not mentioned.

Mostly, it seems that Richter in general is not a rare name, and "Anton Richter" a not uncommon variant, turning up architects, musicians, homesteaders and others.

All of that has nothing whatsoever to do with the points I raised and which you have conveniently ignored.

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