[Harp-L] Who on earth is Anton the Plumber?

I've heard folks say he invented the Richter, but it was probably his brother Joseph. But Anton Richter of Haida had his own company in Bohemia back in the 1800s, the German Harmonica museum has hinted that the Anton Richter company was a paper company owned and operated by Seydel, especially since ol' Anton was a plumber, but rich. I've been researching this further and come up with some additional circumstancial evidence to support that theory and at this point, I'm convinced that was the case. But I also came across something interesting, modern bass fiddles marketed under the Anton Richter name. I have no idea who makes Anton Richter bass fiddles or where the company is. It apears to be a European company that has shifted production to Korea. But, even if it is an Asian company, companies don't usually just pluck names out of thin air, which would hint that there is some association with Anton and stringed instruments, even if it's just
 Anton cashed in on his brother's name with some other companies besides Seydel. 
On the Seydel thing, what I've come up with circumstantial above what the museum has are similarities in advertising and the fact that Seydel employees around the water cooler called Richter-style harps "Haiders" for years. 
It's a shame more of this history wasn't preserved, but it's a lot more fun for me this way.
Dave Payne Sr. 
Elk River Harmonicas

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