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You can reattach the tooth. The trick is, you have to have it set and square it in all three dimensions. You can get as complicated as you want with C clamps, etc. but simple explanation is get a big book, wax paper, wood glue and a flat table. Put the wax paper on the comb, comb on the wax paper, glue the comb tooth on the comb,get it lined up square, put another sheet of wax paper on it, put the book on it and let it dry. You can eyeball the canter, the book will take care of the other, more important alignment.

More complicated and better is to use a splint for the tooth canter (so the holes are square and the teeth parallel. I use a comb I broke specifically for this, I broke off the sides so all I have is a set of teeth basically. I line them up like you'd line up your fingers to twiddle thumbs. Since comb teeth are the same size as the holes, minus the wood taken off by the saw, it works. You can use this comb-tooth jig thing also to straighten out a comb where the comb teeth are warped. The jig thing is sealed thick, you soak the other comb in water, then insert the jig thing. When the warped comb dries, it has no choice, it has to dry straight... one of many things one can do to impose his will on wood. 

Oh yeah, after you are done with the comb gluing and it's dry, you can shave down a matchstick really thinly (think veneer) and glue it across the crack on the inside of the hole, the longitudnal grain of the matchstick veneer should be perpendicular to the crack. 

Dave Payne Sr. 
Elk River Harmonicas 

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 I tried to seal a wood comb with wax, Had already drilled holes in comb and read plates, and threaded for screws, got the wax on too thick and when I was working it off, broke off too teeth of the comb, now I am soaking myself with whiskey and beer, and I am swelling up, but how should I re -attach those teeth or is it a lost cause? Thanks Eric S
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