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There's nothing new by putting a VC in a stick mic as many of us have done
them to 545's, but it still has nothing to do with what I said?   A stock SM
57 is Low Z as you may not know, so if it's still low Z then it makes no
difference.  It will perform perfectly.   You will not find any dynamic hiZ
mic with the tranny after the VC.   I've built hundreds of them and have
performed the test many years ago.   And Shure has built thousands of their
HiZ Dynamic element Green Bullet.
 here's my educated guess:  in a mic's circuit you have series leaving the
element to the primary of the tranny- one hot and one neutral- and if you
start raising the ohms before it hits the tranny's primary then you've
lowered the voltage that's generated from the coil in the element....the
current stays the same because it's in series, but the voltage is
lowered and that is the problem.   High ohms means nothing if the voltage is
next to nothing...........there's less signal to be transformed.    Now
if  the mic's VC is turned up all the way where there's ZERO ohms being read
on the VC then now you have full output voltage from the coil that's ready
to be transformed, but that's a backwards way of doing it unless you
''don't'' want serious hiZ tone all the time when the volume is turned
down.  I want Hi Z grind all the time even at lower mic volumes.   Note: a
volume control and a transformer are entirely 2 different components and
work in totally different ways.
hope that helps.

On Sun, Nov 16, 2008 at 6:40 AM, Jon Clark <jdclark@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Steve said:  "You have to have the Hi Z tranny in the circuit before the
> volume control or you will not have a  properly functioning power output.
> The transformation has to be done before the volume control or you won't get
> ''full impedence transformation'' until the volume control is turned all the
> way up.
> If that is the case. how does that effect the performnace of the new Shure
> 57-JR which has its VC installed in the mic?
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