[Harp-L] Latest Edition of Harmonica Happenings Has Hit the Street!

The new "2008 Convention Edition" of SPAH's Harmonica Happenings is hitting
mailboxes now. Jp has done an impeccable job on this issue. The issue is
chock full of color pics and great articles highlighting the great time
attendees had in St. Louis. The sad thing is that if you are not a member of
SPAH you can't get a copy! These quarterly publications are another great
benefit of being a card carrying member of SPAH. Every issue never fails to
have at least a few really informative and thought provoking stories. Even
the not so deep articles will bring a smile to your face. How could they
not.there isn't an article ever included that isn't about the HARMONICA!
Don't we all love the harp????


Another nice feature this issue is the SPAH membership and industry
directory. With well over 900 members we are now getting ready to hit the
1000 member mark this year! When I look over the directory it is pretty
amazing to see who belongs to SPAH. It really is a who's who in the
harmonica world. Many of the world's finest players belong to SPAH. Just to
be included on this list is an honor in itself. If this sounds like this is
turning into a sales pitch, you are correct! While I am amazed at some of
the names on the list I am equally amazed at names I don't see on the list.
Like yours.and yours.and yours! You know who I am talking about. I encourage
everyone to consider joining SPAH in 2009. Not just for the benefits that
you receive. We need you to support the USA's premier harmonica
organization. We are based here in the states but really we are an
international association. The more members we have the bigger our presence
on the world stage. That will surely bring more benefits to the members as
time goes on as well. Soon the new website will be up. Plans are already
unfolding for Sacramento and our 2009 convention. Even if you can't make the
conventions things like the magazine and website will share much of the fun
and excitement with you. Perhaps your significant other is searching for
something special to give you this holiday season. A membership to SPAH will
be the coolest gift a harp lover could receive! So come on, find a way to
get on "the list". Be in the same directory as Paparozzi, Bonfiglio, Oskar,
Schackner, Barrett, Ruth, Caltabellota, Dermody, Filisko, Gindick, Greene,
Harper, Heilpern, Johnson, Gazell, Michalek, Peterman, Gordon, Sleigh,
Oysler, Levy and many others! Just being in the same directory with BUZZ
KRANTZ is worth the price of admission! 


End of Pitch.


Warren Bee

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