[Harp-L] re: Tongue Block benders

When I teach harp I always try to get the student to really think about what
exactly is happening to the air stream as they breathe in and out through
the harp. Not just the execution of the techniques but what's happening in
there; how and why. Think about the way that you need to manipulate your
tongue, lips etc to accomplish your pucker bends the way you like them. What
are you doing to the air stream? Analyze it in your head. Then when you go
for the tongue block bends be creative and think of ways that you can get
that same air stream configuration that you get puckering. It really is just
a matter of using the same muscles in subtle different ways. The bends are
definitely a little tougher blocked than puckered but I have found that over
time the block bends can be much more predictable and precise when puckered.
When under pressure to hit a bend right on so I hit the note solid and clean
most times I will defer to the pucker. When I play I am constantly changing
from pucker to block depending on where I am on the harp.


Warren Bee

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